Karma, Fate & Free Will – 1

This should be useful to Philosophy studies, in a way 🙂



Karma, Fate and Freewill

Often asked query is, “What is my path in life? What is my Dharma?” I will attempt to answer this query in this post.

Anyone interested in seriously learning astrology eventually has to grapple with age old philosophical questions regarding fate and free will. Is our fate linked inexorably to our moment of birth, or, is there some room for free will? If so, how much?? Obviously astrologers can predict events, which proves there is some element of fate at work. But at other times predictions fail. This may either be a reflection of the astrologer’s skill level, the accuracy of the predictive system itself or because there really is the elusive power of free will at play.

Eastern and Western concepts of Fate versus Free Will

In the West, people are uncomfortable with the idea of fate or destiny and relish their free will. It’s…

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