Book Review – The Mindfulness Journal

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the-mindfulness-journal-The Mindfulness Journal by Corinne Sweet; 2014; Boxtree

This book is not so much a Journal, although there are spaces for you to add your own thoughts, but more a book of mindfulness practices for every day use.

The Introduction begins with ‘Why Be Mindful?’

“There is a growing body of evidence – psychological, physiological, scientific – that our 24/7 chaotic, pressurized, stress-filled lives are doing us immense harm

Many of us are suffering from mental and physical health issues that can be helped significantly by taking the time to slow down and learn, simply, to breathe.

Mindfulness can help you to become calmer, more peaceful and focused.”

I use this quote from the Introduction because it says it exactly as i would have said it and i couldn’t have said it better. It is almost as if we are not allowed to be not busy, as if being not busy…

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